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About Us

MPD Service company is located in own head office with a wide place at Sorocaba city, where you can find a potential market in Retrofitting of machines, technical assistance, improvement and automation. It is a supplier of known multinationals for its products quality and also for its requirement of infrastructure in specialized machines. After then MPD Service upgraded its knowledge in Retrofitting of Machines Tools with Computer Numeric Control (CNC) where it is installed in usual machines providing assistance and modernization. The company has machines, equipment and tools for all kind of services during the maintenance and reform machine process.



MPD Service works in technical assistance since 2002 and it is completing sixteen years in the market in 2018. In 2006 it structured-self creating a team with knowledge in all the important areas like: Mechanical, Electric, Electronic, Industrial Automation. For all these years the company won trust by its customers quickly, getting big partners in Brazil and other countries. After all it is recognized for its excellence on work since the first visit to the customer, having a personalized attending and supplying assistance always when it is necessary.

Retrofitting is the modernization technology that becomes a conventional machine tool (new or used) as: Lathes, Millers, Grinders, Boring Mills, etc., in a last generation CNC machine. This technologic actualization changes the control system with obsolete technology or in a bad working for a new command getting more productivity and precision, besides lowing costs induced by outdated technology. The retrofitting process is divided among the services: Electric electronic: CNC and driver substitution; New software for PLC and CNC; Project updating and development of a new electric dashboard, general electric review. - Mechanical: Smooth shaving; tiering and geometry; Adjustments and review general; Project and adaption of new components; Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems review; - Machining process: CNC programs development, device and general analysis.

Besides offer technical assistance to Brazil the MPD Service also attends to several countries for any kind of Machine tools. It has available equipment of high precision in loco being able to make a complete geometry. We are specialized in machines nationalization controlled by dedicates components and with a large knowledge in operation of many manufacturer like: PFAUTER, HURTH, LIEBHERR, INDEX, HELLER, GROB, LORENZ, TURMAT, etc. It is one of only one prepared to attend and able to give maintenance in Grinding REISHAUER Machine.

We are integrator and distributor of SIEMENS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES®. We have all the products in a shorter deadline. Through its partnership with big suppliers it is possible to available mechanical and hydraulic pieces for its customers.